Our Patio Garden Make-Over

We have a patio at Shiro.

But the patio and trees were left untouched for too long.


A little chaotic, we couldn’t tell if it was a garden or a forest.


Hence this time, we invited the prestigious Japanese gardening specialist, Uehiko of Kyoto. Mr. Uehiko is a popular gardener famous all over the island.

After a brief inspection, the trimming began.


He climbed up the trees in a second without using a ladder.



A view of Mr. Uehiko in action front the second floor. We couldn’t find him easily.


剪定3 His resting place was of course also on a tree.


剪定4It was unbelievable that he was working on foot on such a small, skinny tree.

剪定5What a professional.

剪定6I could see he loves his job so much.

剪定7The tree transformed as time passed by and the sky became brighter as it slimed down.

He also trimmed the adjacent tree.

All in just 2 hours.

The bushy garden….

白庭1was transformed drastically into a bright, warming and comfortable patio.

白庭2What a before-after phenomenon. I couldn’t believe it. We now know why there was a fire lamp in the middle of the patio.

白庭3A view from the second floor.

I was surprised how much the garden changed in hand by the gardener.

“The word ‘family’ in Japanese is written by two kanjis 家and 庭 which mean a ‘house’ and a ‘garden’.

I now fully understand what the gardener told me before the trimming.

I feel like there is more fresh air flowing in the house.

Thank you so much Mr.Uehiko!