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【 IMPORTANT 】Starting April 1st, 2019, Kanazawa city will introduce an Accommodation tax.

According to Kanazawa city ordinance, we will charge the accommodation tax 200yen in cash per person per night when you check-in from April 1st, 2019. 

Please refer to this Kanazawa city’s announce.

Please note: On our website, Accommodation tax is “not included” in room/bed rates.

Update hostel policy; We can accept children from 7-years-old and group booking up to 5 persons!

We have updated our hostel policy for children and group booking as follow!

・About children’s staying

Before: From 10-years-old

After: From 7-years-old


・About group bookings

Before: up to 4 persons

After: up to 5 persons


We already updated these changes from August 8th, 2017.

It is more flexible to book if your group/family has children or some members.

We hope we will support and share your wonderful trip in Japan!

We are waiting your arrival in Kanazawa-city.

Booking and Contact with us

You will be more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable in Guest House Shiro after August the 1st, 2016!

We change a check-in hours, Check-out time, closed hours and keeping the luggage hours from 1st August, 20016.

You will be more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable in Shiro guest house.

FROM 1st August, 2016


Dropping off the luggage before check-in:9:00〜11:50

Closed hours (Cleaning and Maintenance):12:00〜14:00

Picking up the luggage after check-out: 〜12:00 / 14:00〜22:00

※ We can keep the luggage until 11:30AM if your check-out day is our day off.


We hope you will enjoy Kanazawa and Shiro!

Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions.

We can recommend you many place of sightseeing spots and Kanazawa’s local store and restaurants after you check-in.

Please also check our room availability and room types.