Shiro’s Neighborhood

Shiro Guesthouse is located in a pivotal center of Kanazawa City, right near the Kanazawa Castle.

From Shiro, it takes 10 seconds walk to the Black Gate that leads into the castle.

It is only 10 minutes walk to Kenrokuen (Kenroku-Garden/Six Attributes Garden) if you walk through the castle.

15 minutes to the 21st Century Contemporary Museum.

3 minutes to the Oomi Fish Market, where fresh seafood, sushi, and seasonal delicacies await you.

Cross the Asano gawa, walk through a historical town scene and reach Higashi-Yama Teahouse district in just 10 minutes.

Even easier to get around anywhere with bicycle.

Even better, the guesthouse is located right in front of ‘Kuromon mae greens’, Kanazawa’s top cherry-blossoms spot. Imagine enjoying the beautiful sakura while lounging at Shiro in spring.

From Kanazawa Railway Station, Shiro is 10 minutes away by bus and 20 mins by walking.

Enjoy tourism on foot, on bike, or on a bus, as you want.

Shiro is located at ‘Ootemachi’ – nearby the castle gate and hence surrounded by very calm traditional neighborhood.

Glimpse the cherry blossoms at Kanazawa Castle, at Shiro.

In an early summer, enjoy a slow life along the Asano River or Sai River.

During a rainy season, watch fireflies along the streams.

Make an impromptu trip to the sea and the mountains in the summer.

Watch the leaves turn yellow and red at Kenroku Park and Kanazawa castle in the autumn.

Indulge in rich seafood of the Japanese Sea and snow scenery in the winter.

Not only the 21st Century Museum or Prefecture Museum, there are many other art/cultural spots around the town.

A town proud of its rich history and traditional artifacts.

Food of Kanazawa that let your savor flavours of all seasons.

We believe that every visitors can enjoy Kanazawa in their own way during all seasons.



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