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Welcome to an Official Blog of Guesthouse Shiro!

Warm Greetings!

This coming summer 2014, we are opening a new guesthouse called ‘Shiro’ (means White in Japanese) at Ootemachi, Kanazawa.

Excitingly, we are currently renovating a pre-war 115-year old Japanese machiya, a Japanese wooden townhouse, which was built in the Meiji period.

This is the front view of Shiro guesthouse before renovation.

Shiro Guesthouse

Our official website of Shiro is still under construction. In this blog we hope to share a course of the renovation until our grand opening.

Not only about Shiro, we hope to share about the charms of our great city, Kanazawa.

We are very excited to see how Shiro will evolve. Please follow us to witness the transformation with us.

(For Japanese friends, here is our Japanese blog )