Very useful service for your luggage in the Station before you check-in.

There is a very useful service for your heavy luggage in Kanazawa Station.

In the Tourist Information Center at the East gate of Kanazawa Station, there is a delivery service ( Hands-Free service ) desk for your heavy luggage.

They transfer your luggage from Station to “Shiro” by 5PM if you pay 600yen per luggage at their reception (It costs you around 500yen to use a coin-operated locker in the Station! ) .

This means you don’t need to go back to the station again for picking it up.

Furthermore, we will receive your luggage from them, so you do not have to wait for their arrival in Shiro.

Their reception hours is from 8:30AM to 3PM.


One notice about this service is only one way from Station to Shiro.

It is not possible to send your luggage from “Shiro” to “Station”.


So, this service will be very helpful for you before you check-in.

It is highly recommended in the following situations;

・You do not want to walk and move with your luggage before check-in.

・You arrive at Kanazawa Station between 0PM and 2PM. (We are sorry we close guest house from 0PM to 2PM everyday).

・You want to go sightseeing as soon as possible after arriving in Kanazawa.

(In any case, please check-in between 2PM and 8:30PM. )

Please feel free to contact us if you have some questions about this service and our guest house.


By the way, it is also possible to borrow an umbrella in this center.

We recommend you to go there once before you leave Kanazawa Station.

They might be help for your wonderful trip.


This is  a Tourist Information Center.

Inside of this, there is a delivery service ( Hands-Free service ) desk for your luggage.

You will see this funny character in front of this center.